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Planning For The Future

How you can help:


  1. We have upped each of our classes by 5 to 10 dollars which will go towards the fund automatically! Thank you to our practitioners that agreed to add to the pot!

  2. We have a GoFundMe linked below. Share, Share Share. Getting the GoFundMe out on Social Media and telling others about your story and what we do will help get our message out there!

  3. We have set up recurring donations on a monthly basis! from 5 to 25 dollars!

  4. The Women's, Men's, and Energy Circles: Any supply or snackage is covered by donations and all extra go towards the fund!

Change is on the way and we have a Vision!

Thank you to everyone who made it to our community meeting! We know it was a bit last minute and some could not make it so here is a synopsis of the meeting! We are looking into how we can better serve you now and going into the future!


How We Started:


In 2018 we started as Serenity Gardens Spiritual Health and Wellness Center, looking to offer a bit of metaphysical fun, we offered crystals, gifts, relaxation spaces along with a few energetic healers and readers. But as we have continued our personal growth and healing, the gifts we had to share with our community became vast and plentiful.


After making it through the pandemic as well as facing an abrupt move we had the opportunity for a new start and became Journey to Wellness at Serenity Gardens. Even though our new space was smaller, we found creative ways to function and our community continued to grow along with a diverse and experienced team.


Throughout the process of personal evolvement and the evolvement of the needs of our community we have shifted into more of a community center rather than a metaphysical shop. And we are loving it, we keep our classes and events affordable in efforts to support our community from all backgrounds. We have started women's and men's circles, sound baths, community ceremonies and so much more. We are quickly outgrowing our space BUT just in time for the end of our lease! And as we go forward we want to continue to serve all of our community's growing needs.



Our Circumstances:


We are officially entering the last year of our lease. And lets be real here. We do struggle to keep our doors open, Cathy and at times a few others have pulled out of pocket to keep us open. Times are hard


We value our community and are invested in keeping our events, classes and services accessible to all ranges of the community. Taking a look at the economy and our goal as a community center we have created a sustainable vision that continues to serve our community and opens more opportunities for classes and events that hold higher capacity.


That being said we are calling on our community to help make our vision a reality.


What is our vision?


Our goal has always been to be of service to the community's spiritual, emotional, and physical health and wellness. This looks like keeping classes, events, and services affordable for all wage brackets, having events that are donation based and having space for members of the community both new and old to find refuge away from the buzzing world.


We have done some research and have found that having a commercially zoned space is not a sustainable way to keep this going. BUT, as spirit has always directed us, this is actually a good thing!


In being a community center, we have wanted to start community gardens, sister and bother circles, events, healings, ceremonies, and community dinners. However this requires space and land, close to but away from the buzz of the cities. This means spirit is guiding us into a more residential space where we will have the resources to make this vision a reality.


Thank you to everyone of your for helping to make our vision a reality! We are all looking forward to continuing to serve the community!


Much Love!

JTW Team

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