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About Us

Journey to Wellness at Serenity Gardens strives to build a community that is diverse and welcoming. We love our community and hope you do too! We have a large selection of  services, classes, readers, and energy workers. Don't know what you need? Give us a call and we'll recommend something or someone we think will suit your needs.

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What We Offer

Energy Work 

The JTW family has many members who work with your body's energy systems. We help to empower you on your path to healing. Look around and see who you're drawn to!


Do you have questions you need answered? Do you need to connect with past loved ones or receive guidance from your spirit team? We have many wonderful readers in our SG's family! Check them out and see who you resonate with. See you soon!

Community and Classes

We have a diverse and constantly expanding community! Want to become a part of it? Check out our many classes and events or just come by and visit. We'd love to love you back to wholeness!

Local light works

Our Local Light Works shop is full of products handmade by local artists and crafters! Browse through our newly expanded Holistic Wellness area for Homemade Candles, Essential Oils, Herbs, Seeds, and Natural Beauty and Skin Care Supplies. 

The Crystal Mage

Here for your crystal fix. Explore the wide variety of crystals, EnergyHugs Botanicals, Tarot and Oracle Cards!

Help Support Our Future


How you can help:


  1. We have upped each of our classes by 5 to 10 dollars which will go towards the fund automatically! Thank you to our practitioners that agreed to add to the pot!

  2. We have a GoFundMe linked below. Share, Share Share. Getting the GoFundMe out on Social Media and telling others about your story and what we do will help get our message out there!

  3. We have set up recurring donations on a monthly basis! from 5 to 25 dollars!

  4. The Women's, Men's, and Energy Circles: Any supply or snackage is covered by donations and all extra go towards the fund!

What our customers are saying

I get everything I need here from sage to energy healing. It is a great place for the spiritual and holistic communities to network and learn about many things. The owner, Cathy, is very sweet and cares about every single person who walks in the door. The readers and healers are all amazing there.

Heatherlee Engstrom

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