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How it Works

Here you will find a selection of our SG's family! Look around and see who you're drawn to, you might find someone you were not expecting.. If you are still not sure, give the shop a call, tell us what's going on and we can make a recommendation... we have your highest and best good in mind!

Below you will find in house and guest practitioners!

In House Practitioners 

Energy Hugs with Kendra

Kendra is a professional life and spiritual coach, energy intuitive, and essential oils advocate. She's also an Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner (EEM-CLP), Reiki Master/Teacher, Angelic Healing Practitioner and a Vajra Transmission Master. At Energy Hugs, we believe that to truly heal, healing must happen on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Working with the body’s subtle energy systems is the missing piece.

Visit her website for more information and scheduling

For Your Good Health with Cathy

As a pillar of our community, and owner of Journey to Wellness at Serenity Gardens, some services Cathy offers under For Your Good Health,  are Raindrop Technique, Quantum Touch, Healing Touch Energy Medicine, Distance Healing Sessions, Guided Meditations, Young Living Essential Oils classes,  and Spiritual Coaching. 

  Living in service to others, most especially the SG Community, She is here for you, your family, and your healthy lifestyle.

 Cathy is also available as a Notary Public and offers her services as a Wedding Officiate.


Shaman Rivers

As an Elemental Shaman Rivers specializes in identifying, releasing and assisting in the healing process of mental, emotional and physical traumas. Music has steered her soul along its path and everything she does. Her practices have helped many receive clarity and relief from the emotional and physical distresses of life.

Visit her website for more information and scheduling.

The Liminal Gateways with Heaven-Lea

As an Energy Healer, Intuitive Reader, and Shaman Heaven-Lea offers Reiki, Quantum Reiki, Intuitive card readings, and Akashic work. She has developed her own unique spiritual practice allowing her to provide healing intuitively.  Allow her to guide you through the liminal gateways of your subconscious mind into a space for healing and answers.

Visit her website for more information and scheduling.


Astrology with Lyric!

Lyric's passion and knowledge for and of Astrology comes forth in her offerings of Readings in:

*Basic Natal Charts: The first Six Planetary Placements

*Full Natal Charts: All Twelve Planetary Placements

*Progressed Charts: Natal Charts and its Progression into the Present

*Synastry Charts: Two Natal Charts side by side

Lunar/Lunar Illuminations

The biggest tarot selection we've seen belonging to one person, choose from the different levels of Readings he offers. Come in and experience his mystical readings and cosmic healings!

Your Wellness Center with Amira

Amira is a certified Acupressure specialist (NADA), Reiki Master, Laughter leader, Activities consultant, and Dementia Practitioner. She offers Auricular Acupressure/Magnetic seeds (ear), Electro-Pulse Stimulation, Reiki sessions, Cupping treatments, Creative Geriatric Activities, and a Humor, Health, and Aging workshop!

Visit her website for more information.

Guest Practitioners

Crystal Heart Healings with Victoria Crystal 

Victoria Crystal is a Reiki Master and Teacher, Oracle and intuitive card reader, developing medium and registered yoga instructor 200hr RYT specializing in Yin Yoga. If it wasn't for accepting the dark along with the light, we wouldn't know the difference. Her intention is to assist in the souls journey of what lies beneath the shadows of ht esubconcious to bring awareness, healing and gowth. working with the body, mind, soul to bring the well rounded self to a "wholesome" state of being. 


Alyssa of Midnight Dove

Alyssa considers herself a green witch, energy worker, and has been studying and reading tarot and the occult for over 10 years. Alyssa's intuitive tarot readings offer the elements of a classical tarot reading using the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, while also including touches of mediumship and psychic intuition. Her herbal, crystal and occult knowledge offer a unique touch to the reading that helps you better facilitate the results you are seeking

Irish Shaman

Traditional Celtic Shaman Specializing in intuitive energy healing, psychic mediumship and spiritual readings and advisement.  Irish Shaman assists in healing past and presest trauma presenting in the body mind soul.. Grounded into Mother Earth and flowing with spirit all love moves through her unto you. She is deeply rooted in her Celtic ancestral lineage. At an early age she was gifted with her abilities and was called to share them with others. Irish Shaman is a Wedding Officiate available to perform a wide variety of ceremonies. She enjoys handmade crafts with intentions for healing.

Visit for more information 

Healing That Rocks with Beth

Beth is a talented healer and channeler. She has many things to offer the community:

*Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer

*Usui Reiki Master and Teacher

*Ordained Metaphysical Minister

*Certified Angel Card Reader

*Energy Healer

*Animal Reiki/Crystal Healer

*Clearings, Distance Healing, Cord Cutting, Inspiration and Intuitive Guidance

*Certified angelic Medium

*Master Angel Certification

*Empath, Clairsentient, Clairaudient and Claircoznient.


Ray is a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Reader with many aspects to offer. Here are the gifts you can expect:

*Psychic Medium



*Life Purpose

*Spiritual Guidance


and so much more! 



Hi my name is Kaelyn. I started my yoga journey during the pandemic like so many others, and I received my 200 hour yoga teacher training in the jungle in Peru last November with a focus on vinyasa and yin yoga. While yoga has so many physical benefits, to me yoga is much more. It can act as a journey inwards to help discover more about yourself. Yoga has allowed me to move my body in ways I never thought possible, and to move through life with ease and grace. Whatever your interest in yoga is, I'm grateful and excited to be apart of your journey! 



Nicole is a Board-Certified Hypnotist with the International Board of Hypnosis Education and Certification (IBHEC) of Zurich Switzerland and a member in good standing with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Nicole initially trained with Omni Hypnosis Training Center of Washington, DC in 2020. Nicole's hypnosis training included techniques for helping clients to better manage stress, identify and reduce stress, and enhance learning and memory recall. Nicole has been trained to safely use age regression to locate and release trauma.  Nicole helps clients change habits, gain confidence, build self-esteem, manage pain, stop smoking, and weight loss.

Nicole has expanded her holistic education and experience by gaining knowledge and practicing with different modalities to assist both herself and others in taking charge of our own healing journey. In 2021, Nicole became certified in Ultra-Height® Hypnosis, a technique that enhanced her ability to aid in rapid healing.

Nicole's goal is to help empower her community one person at a time, to help clients heal their own traumas, addictions, and negative beliefs that no longer serve them.  Come work with her and let her guide your subconscious mind using positive suggestions to unlock those beliefs that keep you "stuck".

IMG_5181 (1)_edited.jpg


My name is Ralph Delcin. 


I am a former Sunday school teacher. 


The service I provide is my system I call tarology which includes tarot,  numerology and  astrology based on characteristics etc.  Healing services I provide are reiki blended with kundalini yoga and magnetic meditation using magnetic hematite and magnets in general. 

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