Journey To Wellness 

at Serenity Gardens

How our classes/events work

Here you will find our regularly occurring classes and events! Join us in our various classes where we learn new things, move our bodies and gather with our community.

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Holistic Faire

When: *Every THIRD Saturday 


What: Guest Vendors, readers, and healers come from all over the area just for you. Come by and visit us we'd love to see you!

*Holidays may adjust dates

Slow Flow/Hatha Yoga with Nanette

When: Every Wednesday at 6:30pm

Cost: $10

What: This relaxing, slow flowing session with Nanette will move you gently through the Hatha practice.  All levels welcome. Props available for use.

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Therapy In Movement with Jacquie

When: Every Tuesday at 5:30pm

Cost: $10

What: Learn to re-discover your inner feminine energy, honor your curves and learn this core strengthening dance with the amazing and charismatic teacher Jacquie.

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Voice and Frequency Sound Bath/Sound Healing with Natasha

When: *Currently on hold while Natasha is away gaining valuable wisdom!

What: Experience the healing vibrations of frequency, voice, and community. Join Natasha Lee in healing through means of vibration and ancient solfeggio frequencies. Feeling grounded, abundant and deeply connected afterwards.

*A Second Monthly Event with Natasha will be posted on Events Page when scheduled

*Holidays may adjust dates

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Lymphedema Support Gathering 

When: Every Second Monday of the month


What: Many people suffer through Lymphedema feeling alone, frustrated and defeated. Joanne, a fellow sufferer and survivor, has poured her all into gathering resources throughout our county and those surrounding. This gathering offers support and information to change the way you live with Lymphedema.

New Dates & Zoom Option Coming Soon


Morning Meditations with Cathy

When: Every Thursday

1:00 pm

Cost: $5

What: A way to start the day in gratitude, inspiration and positivity. Cathy will guide you through this practice and help you to build a morning routine to last throughout the week. 

On line participation available

Returns January 2023

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Gentle Yoga with Melissa of Radiance Yoga and Wellness

When: Every Thursday at 6:30pm

Cost: $10

What: A Gentle mixed level Yoga with a Yin style flair. 

Good for all body types and experience levels. Use of chair offered in this class as well.

Props available for use, bring what you have. Space limited for comfort.

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Card Party!

When: Every LAST Friday of the month 5:30pm-8:00pm

Cost: $10

What: join our group and learn to read cards! A safe space for learning and growing. No experience necessary. 

Late Arrivals Welcome!

Holidays may adjust dates!

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Instrumental Sound Bath/Sound Healing with Special Guests

When:  Every Second Saturday 6:30pm

Cost: $10

What: Experience healing and community with these instrumental sound baths and healings  offered with a diverse group of Special Guests.  Each amazing healing session may use bowls, chimes, bells, flutes, drums and didgeridoos to enhance your experience. Spirit takes care of the rest.

*See Events Page for Dates

*Holidays may adjust date

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Reiki, Energy Medicine, and Empath Classes with Kendra

When: Sundays

Cost: Variable 

What: Pre-register with Kendra below


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